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The Virtual Reality of Architecture


Design, layout of interior decoration and purchase of various products with the ability to view and compare products in real-time and real environment with VR technology.

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What We do

Virtual Reality

Using VR technology as well as connecting to reputable online stores, intends to entrust the design of interior decoration to the user before the house is built and after the house is built.

Connect Online Stores

Connect to online stores and present material in our site, all materials are from reputable stores along with its price. Exist, determine their layout and provide the final design to the architects.

Design Decoration

Easily choose the design and construction materials you want in its virtual design or VR technology and by choosing decorative items such as: furniture, tables and chairs, beds, photo frames, etc.

Save and Enjoy

The user can save design at end of work and send a copy to architects to design indoor decoration of house even before the house is built and enjoy from implementation of them idea.


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